About the Alumni Club

What we do

  • We bring together the most active former members of the TU Investment Club e.V.
  • We organize several Alumni-only meeting a year in Munich but also in Frankfurt and London
  • We organize joint events with the TU Investment Club e.V.
  • We offer career advise to all current student members
  • We are shareholder of the MSMIF

How to become a member

  • To become a member of the Alumni Club you first have to be a honourable member of the TU Investment Club (Honourable members have filled a leadership position or have been named as such by the current board due to their achievements for the club)
  • You need to have terminated your studies in Munich (so you either have started your professional career of you continue your education in another city)
  • You need to apply for your membership with the current board of the Alumni Club

Our members are pursuing their careers in many different areas

  • Investment Banks
  • Investment/Hedge Funds
  • PE/VC Funds
  • Strategy Consultancies
  • Start-Ups
  • Mid-sized and large industrial enterprises
  • University

Current Board Members

Timo Huguet

Board Speaker
Timo studied Finance and Private Equity at the LSE and Hochschule München. Currently he works as M&A and Corporate Development Manager at valantic, an IT-Consulting and solutions firm. Feel free to contact him.

Andreas Leitner

Board Member
Andreas studied financial mathematics and economics at TUM. Currently he is working as Head of Compliance at a financial services institution and is an expert in Risk Management, Compliance and Internal Audit. Feel free to contact him for workshops.