Buying Equity Means Owning a Part of a Business

The Equities Department follows a value investing approach focused on European small and mid caps.

Value Investing

This concept, established by well-known investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet and Philip Fisher, focuses on fundamental analysis of companies. Value investors conduct a deep qualitative and quantitative analysis and thereby aim to understand the business and the drivers of their investment target.


The Munich Student Managed Investment Fund (MSMIF) is our fund vehicle. It is exclusively advised and managed by our Equity and Fixed Income Analysts. They are responsible for developing investment ideas and monitoring our active investments. By investing real money, our members learn to be accountable and take responsibility for their decisions. Learn more about the MSMIF:


The Equities team is organized into several coverage groups, each focusing on one particular industry sector. Each group consists of junior and senior analysts who will meet regularly to discuss investment opportunities within their target sector. Promising companies are analyzed in depth and pitched in a team-wide meeting before being presented in front of the investment committee for final approval.


We constantly monitor a large variety of stocks within our sector coverage groups. Interesting candidates are then analyzed in greater detail.

Stock Pitch

Using a toolkit of qualitative and quantitative methods, we aim to understand the underlying drivers of the business and determine a fair share price.


Post investment, we monitor the company continuously as well as any news surrounding it. Based on this analysis, we reconsider the decision and adjust our position.